ABOUT | おうちcoffee


そんな気持ちではじまったおうちcoffeeですが、気が付いたらどんどんコーヒーの世界にのめりこんで、専門店のようになりました。厳選した「スペシャルティコーヒー」にこだわって、私が心から「美味しい… 」と思えるコーヒーをご提供しています。

"The coffee I receive at someone's house is somewhat good."
It was house coffee which has started with such feeling, but if I noticed, it was starting to be absorbed in the world of coffee and be a speciality store one after another. I'm particular about the "specialty coffee" selected carefully, and offer you the coffee which seems "good..." sincerely.
The coffee by which to be conscious tastes sweet. "Because it's bitter, the coffee isn't drinkable." "Sour coffee tastes bad." please try my recommendation coffee. I'd like to see a surprised face!
In order to meet a concept of new coffee for house coffee.